Our International Restaurant, The Café, serves international cuisine presented in sophisticated surroundings with a view of the Chao Phraya River and our lush gardens.

This all-day dining venue offers traditional American Breakfast, International Buffet Lunch and Asian Delight Buffet Dinner as well as a vast selection of a la carte dishes featuring international and Asian highlights including a feast of authentic Thai cuisine served in a comfortable, casual surrounding.

The charm of our Asian Delight Buffet Dinner is its focus on health. We choose only the best quality ingredients for a fresh variety of delicious Oriental and Thai dishes.  This buffet focuses on a traditional Asian dish, rice porridge, and adds a variety of twists. We begin with the basic ingredient of boiled rice in a wide variety such as Boiled Jasmine Rice, Boiled Jasmine Brown Rice, Boiled Jasmine Rice with Taro and Boiled Jasmine Rice with Sweet Potato.

After settling on your boiled rice couple it with a traditional side dish like pickles and other fermented fares and dried stuffs such as salted egg, salted fish, sweet shrimp and sweet pork etc.

The buffet line also includes many kinds of the fresh vegetables from the Royal Project and choice meats like crispy pork belly, shrimp, beef and chicken, all of which you can have specially stir fried fresh. Moreover, the extraordinary menu such as Hakka Pork Belly Steamed with Taro, Ghana Chai and Fried Minced pork (Namliap) will be rotated to serve you every day.

Our Asian Delight Buffet Dinner (THB 490 Net / person) is offered daily from 6.00 – 11.00 p.m..

Please contact The Café Restaurant, ++66 2292 2999 ext. 3210 for reservations.

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